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Photography Poses for Women– the Main Features and 19 Tips For Your Photo Session

Photography Poses for Women

1. Everyone knows the position for a typical beginner photographer – the model is standing facing the camera holding the body vertically. It’s not advisable to use this pose. It doesn’t have any life, and it’s plain boring. In general it can suit some models if those models have ideal figures. You can have an effect of a split between the legs, if the legs have a classical shape. But in general this pose should be used with caution.

2. A decent model should almost always transfer the weight on one of the feet. Such photography poses look much more natural.

3. In order for the girl in the picture to stay feminine, you have to avoid straight angles and straight lines. Try to create the poses, that are smooth; create the curves, that accentuate softness and feminine characteristics for the model. Straight angles, strength, roughness should be used when you are taking a shot of a man.

4. The easiest way to accentuate the feminine features of a model is to take a picture of her secretly when she is trying to make herself look better fixing her makeup, her hair or her clothes.

5. Pay more attention to the photography poses when the model is positioned side-ways or is standing half-turned, but not facing the camera.

6. Legs are a part of a woman’s body that attracts attention of most men. A girl that has long legs is considered by any man as a more beautiful girl, than the one with short legs. If you would like to give your model longer legs visually, you can do it through raising her feet to seem taller (shoes on high heels, standing on tip toes). If you are taking a picture of a woman in her bathing suit, you can shoot from the back and visually make the length of the legs longer because of the buttocks.

7. Another simple method to make legs longer is to take a picture of the model from below and to shoot mainly from bottom up during the photo shoot.

8. If the model looks up, and not in the camera, then the eyes look bigger and more expressive. You can ask the model to tilt the face forward and look in the camera, then the eyes will look bigger as well.

9. Make sure to have the correct framing of the shot, so if the model is being shot in full height, then the distance between the head and the top corner of the picture should be larger than the distance between the legs and the bottom corner of the picture.

10. During the photo shoot the model moves in front of the camera, taking various poses. Encourage smooth movement avoiding brisk moves, this will allow you to keep the proper emotional attitude, calmness and relaxation to go through the whole session smoothly.

11. Make sure that the model doesn’t stretch the arms or the legs towards the camera, this will make gross distortion from the correct proportions (unless that was meant to be that way).

12. Another tip about the legs. Remember that socks make legs look shorter visually, don’t forget to ask the model to take them off.

13. If you are taking pictures of a model with one light source, place it in the left top position. That is related to the psychological characteristics of perception.

14. To make the smile brilliant turn away from the photographer. Turn towards him only for one second before taking a shot, depending on his signal, and smile. The smile will appear colourful and natural to its maximum potential.

15. A model in simple clothes like jeans, a sweater, and so on, will look younger in the photograph, as well as fresher and more spontaneous, than in a business suit.

16. If you are taking a picture of a girl sitting down looking straight at you, remember, that her proportions will be distorted, and her legs will turn out too short.

17. Sometimes photographers use hats that make the model look more feminine. Do not put a small hat on a model with a large head – it will visually make her head even larger (think about the queen of hearts).

18. For plus size models it’s better to stand with their back towards the camera, turning their head sideways.

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